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In the Shade

What is "Holistic" Real Estate?

Acknowledging the Whole Person in Relationship to Environment

We are more than our egos, and our conscious selves. Buying or Selling a home is a right-of-passage for many; it is a huge life change and business decision, that is impacted by and effects many different parts of the self, some conscious and many unconscious. Amy Katz is in a unique position to be able to integrate her vast knowledge and expertise in Depth/Jungian Psychology -- Science of the soul -- and intuitive practices to help her clients flesh out their deepest callings, needs and drives as they "move" through the process of moving. She is here to listen deeply and provide emotional support as well as the most rigorous expertise in logical decision making, contracts and negotiations. She approaches everything from a strong sense of integrity. She utilizes dreams, synchronicities ("reading the signs") and intuitions in addition to her rational skills, and encourages clients to do the same, paying attention to their bodies as well as their minds when touring homes and responding to offers. Approaching real estate with an expanded awareness gives her and her clients the edge for finding the perfect properties for them at this time in their lives, and reaching their goals in highly competitive markets.  In addition to over ten years experience in Real Estate, 20 years as a university/college-level Communication Instructor, Amy has 20 years experience as a professional intuitive and Life Coach. You are in very good and safe hands with Amy. 

Amy Beth Katz, M.A.
Holistic Realtor 
& Communication Specialist
Santa Barbara * Montecito * Carpinteria*Santa Ynez * Los Angeles *Ventura*Ojai*The Valley*All of California


Real Estate Sales Person -- CA Department of Real Estate (DRE) # 01766159

Dynasty Real Estate -- DRE 01523278 

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